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Why become a Mochadocs Solutions Provider?

Sign up to become a solutions provider if you’re interested in one or more of the following:

New revenue streams


Mochadocs - Contract Lifecycle Management - Horizontal - Dollar coins


You want to add new revenue streams by offering Mochadocs to your clients and earn a commission for what you sell.

Think big, start small

Mochadocs - Contract Lifecycle Management - Graph Statistics Dotted Line Up

You want to start small with a low-cost partnership with Mochadocs and become a full solutions partner when you’re ready.

Powerful tools

Mochadocs - Contract Lifecycle Management - Gears Interlocked V1

You already use simple yet powerful Mochadocs tools to build solutions for your clients and/or your own business.


Partner recognition

Mochadocs - Contract Data Management - Globe with ArrowYou want to show the world you mean business by being recognized as a partner of a trusted growth platform.

Are you a good fit?



Service Provider



You provide in-depth reviews of various business solutions




You share your contract creation, authorizing and managing knowledge with your customers

System Integrator



You offer a digital solution that integrates with Mochadocs


Whether you’re an specialist or a service provider, businesses that offer CLM implementation, contract creation, contracts authorization, contract signing or contract management, or systems integrations services are a great fit for the Solutions Partner Program.

How to Become a Solutions Provider?

Sign up right here! All you’ll need is a Team CLM version of Mochadocs software or above. So it’s a low-cost way to see what a Mochadocs partnership can do for your business.


Starting from USD 90/month*

billed monthly


* Minimum cost of participation is a Team level CLM subscription (Create, Sign & Manage). Our Team CLM subscription starts at USD 90.


What you'll get


20% commission for maximum 24 months.
Help you price and package your services.
A library of enablement resources.
Activate your Mochadocs Solutions Provider Program

How to get started



Join the Program


Icon - CLM - 1 

Once you apply to the program, we'll review your application and contact you within 2-3 business days. If you want to learn how to get your application approved, click here.

Promote Mochadocs


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Use your affiliate links in relevant content. Combine your expertise with the support of our resource center, contract lifecycle management assets, and team to make promoting Mochadocs easy.

Get Paid and Grow


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Earn revenue share for every qualifying customer you refer. As your performance increases, we’ll bump you up to the next tier level which means you get more rewards!

Frequently Asked Questions



What do I need to do to be a solutions provider?

You need to sign up for at least one professional package (Contract Creation, Contract Signing or Contract Management).


There are three things we expect you to do in order to maintain your status as a Mochadocs solutions provider:

1. Actively refer or re-sell Mochadocs. The expectation is that solutions providers remain active by reselling at least one Mochadocs product per quarter.
2. Maintain and use your Mochadocs subscription. We have found that providers who use the Mochadocs products themselves are far more comfortable – and successful – selling and servicing the tools. It does not have to be the highest Mochadocs product tier, but it is important to maintain a subscription to stay up to date with the software.
3. Solve for the customer. Do right by our shared clients, and give them a world-class service experience.

How much commission do I make if I refer or re-sell Mochadocs as a solutions provider?

20% of the monthly total paid across all product types (Create, Sign, and Manage) and add-ons for maximum 24 months the customer is on Mochadocs.

For example, if you sign up a client for minimum of 2 seats of Team Contract Management ($90/month) in January 2024 and they stay as a client for 12 months, your commission would be $216 (20% of $1512). If the client upgrades to Contract Management Enterprise ($750/month) in July 2024, your commission would be $792 (20% of $3960).

Commission is paid out quarterly, provided you have completed your paperwork through the Documents Center. You will be compensated for any upgrades during this time, through the duration of that first year period.

In order to receive recurring commission, you will need to qualify for the solutions partner package.

How do I get credit for referring or reselling Mochadocs?

The way we credit solutions providers for referring or re-selling Mochadocs today is through Lead Registration. When you have a company you want to refer or re-sell, simply pick a contact you have at the company and fill out the lead registration form. It is critical that you do this early in the process, before ever bringing up Mochadocs to the prospect.

Without registering the lead, there is no way that we can guarantee you commission and credit on the sale. 

Please contact your Growth Partner for more detail on how to get credit.

I referred or sold someone Mochadocs before joining the program -- can I get credit now?

Unfortunately, we are unable to pay commission on any leads who were not registered properly and purchased Mochadocs prior to joining the program. If the lead has not purchased yet, please register them, and if this is not successful, contact

Will Mochadocs send me leads?

It is possible Mochadocs will share leads with you, but nothing is guaranteed.

Mochadocs has no formal lead sharing program in place, but constantly sends leads to providers and partners via internal referrals (i.e. growth partners to help close deal so they refer partner to help with data migration), as well as through our directory.

Want more referrals? Your best bet is to get out there and build a reputation as a solutions provider and deliver results in the CLM software, and the business will start to come to you.

I am a solutions provider and it won’t let me access a partner resource -- what do I do?

Certain resources are not accessible to solutions providers, as they are only available to our solutions partners today. If you feel we did not make this clear, let us know so we can update the language on the page.

Want to learn more about our Solutions Partner Package? Just reach out to

How can I advertise the fact that I am a Mochadocs solutions provider?

As a solutions provider, you can advertise on your website, social media profiles, and in conversations with prospects. 

How do I get help as a solutions provider?

  • For solutions provider related questions and resources (pitch decks, marketing materials, service guides, etc), check out Mochadocs.
  • For help re-selling or referring Mochadocs software, please reach out to
  • For technical issues or product-related questions, please reach out to our support team.
  • For help or questions regarding using your own Mochadocs subscription, please reach out Mochadocs Customer Support.

How does Mochadocs measure my success as a solutions provider?

Mochadocs evaluates the performance of solutions providers with one metric: Re-sold (or referred) Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). MRR is measured by looking at the total monthly spend of all the customers you have referred or re-sold Mochadocs.

How do I get more benefits as a solutions provider?

To unlock more official benefits, you will want to join our solutions partner package. In this program, we have tiers you can progress through as you sell more, allowing you to unlock additional value.  To learn more about the solutions partner package and see if it is a good fit, please reach out to your

My client wants to buy a product that has required onboarding. Since I am helping them with Mochadocs, can I waive it?

Solutions providers cannot waive required onboarding, but we are happy to make you the main point of contact so that you can lead the implementation with our team. If you want to waive required onboarding, you can join our solutions partner package.

If this is of interest, please reach out to and we can set you up with a specialist here who can help you evaluate if it is right for you.

Have more questions? We'd love to help! Please contact us at



Monetize your influence.

Become an affiliate and receive commission for each Mochadocs sale you drive. Creating content has never been so rewarding.

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