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The Solutions Partner Program is an ecosystem of businesses that offer contract creation, contract authorizing, contract signing and contract management implementation services, among others.
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Whether you want to expand your services, win new clients, or improve customer retention, Mochadocs experts will provide partners with continuous support on your growth strategy and our CLM platform to ensure that you grow with your clients. Because we all know growth isn’t just about your business, it's about your clients and their customers' experience too. 

Are you a good fit?

The Solutions Partner Program is designed for customer-centric service providers, law firms, accountants, business consultants, procurement professionals and other sellers that want to learn, grow their business, and use the best CLM technology. It’s a good fit if your business:

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Provides consulting on business, technology, contract creation, process optimization,  contract authorization, or contract management strategy.

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Provides tech implementation that handles CLM, configurations, migrations, systems integrations, API's, or IT services.

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Hands-on service

Provides the business with hands-on services in contract creation, contract authorizing, contract signing, and contract management.

Navigating the Path to the Perfect Partner Program Fit

Choosing the perfect partner program is crucial for your business success, as it ensures alignment in values, expertise, and goals, fostering synergy and growth through diligent assessment and clear communication. We can help you in selecting the right one.

Affiliate Partner

An Affiliate partner just handover qualified leads against a certain commission.




Become an Affiliate Partner

Solutions Provider

The Solution Provider is a not yet a Mochadocs Certified Solution Partner and therefor Mochadocs will provide Professional Services to the end Customer. The Solution Provider wants to become a Certified Solution Partner.

Become a Solutions Provider

Solutions Partner

A solution Partner, a Mochadocs Certified partner, is able to configure the CLM solution and is able to implement CLM best practices without the help of Mochadocs. 


Become a Solutions Partner


Select the Right Partnership for You

With global, regional and local customers, world-class training, a CLM platform, and supportive partners, the Solutions Partner Program is the place to launch your business into its next phase of growth. Add new revenue streams, win more business, and delight your clients when you partner with Mochadocs. Choose between two packages

Solutions Provider Package

USD 90 990

*Minimum cost of participation is a Team level subscription. Our CLM Team software subscription starts at USD 90 p/m.

*Minimum cost of participation is a monthly Team level subscription. Our CLM Team software subscription starts at USD 90 p/m.



Interested in using Mochadocs for your clients and earning commission, but not yet ready to commit to being a partner? Start by becoming a solutions provider. It’s a low-cost way to see what a partnership with us could do for your business.



  • Revenue share
  • Enablement resources to help you learn Mochadocs and price and package your services
  • Mochadocs Solutions Directory listing with provider badge
  • Access to training & certifications
  • 20% commission for the first year.
  • A solutions provider badge for your listing in the Solutions Directory, where Mochadocs customers shop for services like yours.
  • Access dedicated content in the Mochadocs Academy and bootcamp-style workshops to help you price and package your services.
Solutions Partner Package

USD 500 4500

*Minimum cost of participation is an Enterprise level subscription of one package. Our CLM Enterprise software subscription starts at USD 500 p/m.

*Minimum cost of participation is an monthly Enterprise level subscription of two packages. Our CLM Enterprise software subscription starts at USD 780p/m.



Interested in using Mochadocs to onboard and deliver powerful contract creation, contract authorizing, contract signing and contract management solutions to your clients? Become a solutions partner and unlock the benefits that come with a deeper partnership with Mochadocs and your clients.

  • Revenue share
  • Waive onboarding fees for your clients (up to USD 5,520 value per client)
  • Dedicated account manager to work with you on growth
  • Dedicated product strategy & implementation support
  • Access to partner-level certifications and credentials
  • Mochadocs Solutions Directory listing with partner badge and greater visibility in search results
  • Chance to earn additional benefits as your business grows through the program
  • 20% commission for three years.

Frequently Asked Questions


You don’t start a new relationship without asking a few questions. Here are some common questions that come up before joining the Solutions Partner Program.

Why do the packages “start” at USD 90 / USD 500?

A solutions provider must have any Team or Enterprise level of Mochadocs software. Team levels of Contract Creation, Contract Signing or Contract Management (CLM Suite) currently starts for USD 90 /month when billed monthly, so that is the current starting cost to become a solutions provider.  

A solutions partner must have the start of an Enterprise level of Mochadcos CLM Suite. Because Contract Authorising and Signing  is currently €500 / month when billed monthly, that is the lowest current starting cost to become a solutions partner. Partner Onboarding (which starts at USD 1,200) is also required for all solutions partners. 

For a complete list of products and prices, visit our pricing page.

Under what circumstances is the onboarding fee waived?

Anyone who buys Mochadocs Contract Creation- , Contract Signing- , Contract Management Team or Enterprise level software at Mochadocs must complete required onboarding. When you become a solutions partner, you will be able to waive that fee for all of your clients that purchase Mochadocs software and receive services from you.

How long does it take to implement Mochadocs and be ready to service clients?

Every company and business is different but generally, our partners ramp up quickly with our streamlined onboarding process. On average, we see partners ready to implement Mochadocs and deliver services for their clients in one to three months.

Join the Solutions Partner Program

Ready to accelerate growth for your business and your clients? So are we. We can’t wait to partner with you.

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